About Microtrade Consultants Services

Microtrade consultants services is a panel of sophisticated and experienced education counselors who understand the need of the students, their parents and the sponsors. We provide our students the best possible information on the all available options, to help them to make the most prudent decisions. We offer the students a highly professional and cost effective service process that enables a quick admission and smooth visa process. It is a matter of combination of professional services of our consultants and expertise, different views, attitudes, and expertise, but with common values and a shared vision for individual higher education that enables us to understand your needs, "see" your opportunities, and precisely respond to your interests with successful results and outcomes.

Experience and Reputation

We have been working in International Education and Admission services since 2008. Within this time we have built up a reputation as being one of the best and most trusted organizations operating in Bangladesh.

Why We Are

Microtrade consultants services can boast of a panel of expert and experienced education counselors, backed up by a highly dedicated and professional band of executives.

Our Management has a background of a decade-old successful career experience in professional student consultancy. We have a professional team of expert counselors, trained visa-processing and marketing personnel and advisers.

Microtrade consultants services Is a Global Network, we aim to put your mind at ease and provide a one stop -shop to all University Application requirements and licensed by Bangladesh (Dhaka) City Corporation. We are committed to maintain high level of professionalism in our service. We are particularly mindful to present a transparent modus operandi before our clients. We follow a clear set of procedures so that everyone is served with consistency and we can utilize our resources optimally. We provide a bundle of services to students aiming to go abroad for higher studies. They are demarcated in several distinct steps.

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